GM2 serie economical injection molding machine

Economical plastic injection molding machine equipped with advanced dual injection cylinder design.

  • Brand:

  • Item No.:

    GM2-LS90S to GM2-LS560S
  • Product origin:

  • Clamping Force (tons):

    90 - 560
  • Power System:

    Servo system
  • Shot Weight (PS gram):

    125 - 2466
  • Shot Weight (PP gram):

    97.98 - 1924.10
  • Shot Volume (cm3):

    138 - 2710
Product Details

Product Advantages:

GM2 series plastic injection molding machine equipped with advanced dual injection cylinder design, which is economical type machines in Lanson company.

dual injection unit of injection molding machine

Optimized design for injection unit

The design of traditional twin-cylinder is optimized, employ the arched intergrated injection unit instead of conventional two-point support, improving the overall rigidity of the injection unit and having more stable injection motions. Direct connection between the control valve and the injection cylinder, leading to rapid movement response.Machine above 320T equipped with double injection carriers

injection unit of plastic machine

Reinforced clamping unit

Maximum increase the fixed platen and moving platen shearing surface, avoid stress concentration. Beside, we increase the number of hinges, hinge pins and steel jackets shearing surface.

clamping unit of plastic machines

Accurate and time saving gear mold adjusting system

Employed accurate gear mold adjusting device, the mold adjusting action is smooth and fast.  It can also save the mold setting time after mould changing.

mould adjustment of injection molding machine

Patented design for fixed platen

Adoption of box type design with maximum size, enabling small distortion of molding board.

fixed platen of plastic injection molding machine

Optimized design for moving platen

Moving platen structure has been optimized according to the actual stress conditions. Due to widened hing ears of moving platen, it transfers the clamping force evenly from the toggles to the central surface of the moving platen, then effectively to the mold, ensuring product accuracy.

moving platen of injection machine

Integrated toggle with long service life

Reinforced and integrated toggle by Lanson special design to achieve long service life

injection molding machine toggle

Professional cable connection

Lanson care all the small detail including cable connection so as to give a perfect machine to customers.

plastic machine

Linear transducer protector

Protecting the linear transducer during machine running so that life will be long.

injection molding

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.