• New Energy - Die casting machine
    New Energy - Die casting machine

    Recently, the state advocated new energy, environmental protection and energy conservation. With the release and implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction policies, various preferential indicators were also implemented in the new energy industry. In a short period of time, more than 100 brands such as bicycles and shared cars were quickly listed. In recent years, China's new ene...

  • Motorcycle, automobile Parts - die casting machine
    Motorcycle, automobile Parts - die casting machine

    In the motorcycle/auto parts industry, as the most important category of products in the die-casting industry, the demand for motorcycle parts and components, especially automotive aluminum alloy die-casting parts, will greatly affect the overall development prospects of the die-casting industry. From the perspective of the structure of the entire car, in addition to a large number of precision di...

  • Magnesium Alloy - Die casting machine
    Magnesium Alloy - Die casting machine

    China's magnesium resources rank first in the world, and the die-casting industry can continue to develop. In addition to market demand, it also depends on the support of resources. Magnesium metal was listed in the national high-tech industrialization demonstration project in 2009 due to its unique resources, performance environment and price advantage. The development of the magnesium alloy indu...

  • Artware -  Die casting machine
    Artware - Die casting machine

    Artware has high requirements for processing efficiency and molding effect, and the loss of material is also the key to cost control in the production process, which determines the market price competitiveness of the product, and the powerful working efficiency and working precision of the combined pressure-boosting equipment. Fully meet the core demands of the craft jewelry industry.

  • Electrical Appliances, Instruments - Die casting machine
    Electrical Appliances, Instruments - Die casting machine

    There are many kinds of household appliances, which can be divided into kitchens, small household appliances, audio-visual, air-conditioning and fitness equipment. Our company can design diversified and applicable clamping mechanism and injection mechanism according to the needs of customers' products, and can recommend supporting production of peripheral equipment to improve production competitiv...

  • 3C product  - Die-casting
    3C product - Die-casting

    3C industry is changing each day, and its application is more and more extensive. It is also combined with various equipment and network applications, such as LCD TV, desktop computer, notebook computer, tablet computer, GPS, mobile phone, etc. 3C industry is divided into three categories: communication, computer and consumer electronics. According to the sales records of eBay and aliexpress, comm...

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