LS300 die casting machine

300 ton clamping force die casting machine

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Product Details
Product Specifications:

ITEM                   Unit LS300
Clamping Force kN 3000
Clamping Stroke mm 460
Ejector Force kN 160
Ejector Stroke mm 110
Die Height(Min.-Max.) mm 250-700
Platen Size(HxV) mm 870X870
Space Between Tie Bars(HxV) mm 570X570
Injection Force(with intensification) kN 350
Injection Stroke mm 410
Plunger Diameter mm 50 60 70
Injection weight kg 1.5 2.1 2.9
Casting Pressure(with intensification) MPa 168 116 85
Casting Area cm2 178 257 350
Max. Casting Area (40MPa) cm2 750
Shot Injection Postion(below center line) mm 0,-125
Plunger Penetration mm 150
Diamater Of Pressure Chamber Flange mm 101.6
Height Of Pressure Chamber Flange mm 12
Hydraulic Working Pressure MPa 16
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity L 600
Machine Dimensions(LxWxH) mm 6600X1700X2620

Product Advantages:

Lanson die casting machines are designed and manufactured according to international standards. Combining the latest technology with a wealth of die casting machine operational experience and theories. Lanson created the proprietary new generation die casting machine. Equipped German Siemens control system with powerful functions and stable operation. The real time control system concerned as the leading technology in China, makes the injection system meet the world class. The design of strong and efficient clamping system makes the force condition of the toggle unit more reasonable, machine operating more smoothly and the system more rigid. The reasons above make Lanson machine become the first choice for automotive parts, electrical appliance, telecommunications and all high-end die casting products.

lanson die casting machine

Equip with world-famous, reliable and durable hydraulic components, high-performance and low noise oil pump in order to keep the pressure and rate of flow stable.

lanson die casting machine

Non-contact injection stroke detection, accurate control and high reliability

lanson die casting machine

Large accumulator design, small pressure drop, adequate energy, high injection repetition, fast ramp pressure and speed response, more stable for pressure and speed. Improving the efficiency.

lanson die casting machine

High speed injection, ramp pressure and rate of flow are controlled by the high precision electric proportional valve in the controller.  Convenient, stable and save parameter easily .(Small machines are option, big machines are standard)

lanson die casting machine

New integrated box type platen, thicker platen design, stronger rigidity, high strength, high stability, durable in impact resistant, longer usage life

lanson die casting machine

Widened toggle and platen hinge ears, the compression will be even so that the chance of bending and deformation can be reduced.

The design of increasing the die height, allowing to accommodate larger die.

lanson die casting machine

Patented high tensile alloy tie bar design, ensure reliable and durable of the clamping system, longer usage life

lanson die casting machine

German Siemens PLC as the main control system, reliable and stable performance

lanson die casting machine

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