The 21st China Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition (CXMEE)

  • 2020-10-13

The 21st China Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition (CXMEE)

The Xiamen Industrial Exposition (XMIE),known as China Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition (CXMEE), is the most influential and largest exhibition of  Machinery and Electronics organized by mainland and taiwan. It covers the latest euipment and advanced technology offering a number of high-level specialized forms.

Exhibition date: April 12th to 15th , 2017

Exhibition address: Xiamen international center

Booth no.: C4163

Machine model: GT2-LS280BT, GT2-LS90E, LS300

lanson plastic machine

Machine model: GT2-LS280BT

lanson plastic machine

Production cycle time 6.6s, product weight 6g, four caivities airline cup, qualification rate 99%

1. Germany imported control system, higher precision control, lower vibration, more stable and repliable

2. Newly single injection cylinder, faster response increased 20%, accelerated from 0 to the maximum speed promoted 45%

3. Maximum injection speed reach 320mm/s, 40% higher than the second generation

4. Strengthen platen rigidity to meet with thin wall package mold reuirements

5. Optimized proportional mold opening and clamping control, more accurate mold opening position

6. Energy saving servo system

Eye glasses frame injection molding machine GT2-90E

lanson injection molding machine

30s cycle time, one cavity eye glasses frame specialized machine, PEI material, qualification rate 100%

Injection unit

1.High precision single injection cylinder

2.High efficiency plasticizing specialized screw

3.Low resistance faster injection system

4.Injection unit linear guide way, Low friction, higher position accuracy, faster response

5.Sliding hopper

Clamping unit

1.High rigidity mold clamping design

2.Widened toggles, reduce wearing of hinge pin and steel jacket

3.Accurate gear molding adjusting device

4.Opimized platens with finite element anaylysis, rational stress distribution, less stress concentration

5.High tensile alloy tie rod

Hydraulic system

1.Imported world famous brand hydraulic parts vickers, yuken, rexroth etc.

2.Variable hydraulic system, servo energy saving hydraulic system

3.Pipe joints are connected with hard pipe joints and flexible pipe, reduce oil leakage or welding line polution.

4.Hydraulic system faster response, control valves position is close to its movement, reduce pipeline

Electric control parts

1.8’’ LCD techmation control system

2.Intelligent control alarm system, more safety and stable

3.Perfect quality management function

4.Automotic cleaning and mold adjustment


1.High rigidity machine base frame design, machine running more stable

2.Frame type safety guarding design with more safety function

Machine model: cold chamber die casting machine LS300

lanson die casting machine

1.Faster response and more stable injection

2.Muliti points setting and stage control, stronger injection parameters

3.Independent injection and booster circuit design, eliminate interference and promote injection stability

4.Strenthen durable platens and toggles

5.Fast clamping technology, shorten production cycle time, increase production effiency

6.Double cylinder ejector system, with uniform ejection

7.Optional automatic clamping force adjustment

8.Equiped with all related auxiliaries with turn-key solutions

Only professional and focus on plastic injection molding machine and cold chamber die casting machine

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