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  • 2020-10-14

In recent years, medical plastic products have been widely used in medical field, the main reason is that the plastic application in the field of medical treatment promoted the other traditional materials can realize product innovation. Plastic parts in the aspect of design flexibility makes it instead of other materials and are increasingly used in medical field. The pharmaceutical industry is very strict hygiene regulations and industry standards in a certain extent promoted the injection molding products are widely used in the field of the medical treatment.

plastic medical parts made by lanson injection molding machine

Medical injection molding products can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1.The disposable medical plastics, such as disposable plastic infusion sets, syringes, blood transfusion tube, liquid medicine bottle, cup, breast pump, needle box, etc.

2.Clinical plastic products and consumables, such as the disposable tube, straw, centrifugal pipe, vaccum vessel, suction fluid head, sample cup, culture plate, test tube rack, consumable petri dishes, cups, etc.

3.Medical plastic packaging, such as solid, liquid, infusion bottle, bottle of eye drops, oral liquid bottles, cream tube, etc.

plastic medical parts made by lanson injection molding machine

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