Mayor visit Lanson company

  • 2020-07-27

Mr. Lu Yi, Mayor of Foshan City, visited and investigated the industrial technology improvement in Lanson

Mayor of Foshan City,Mr. Lu Yi, Deputy Mayor Mr. Song Deping, Secretary-General Ge Chengshu, Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Kaiji, Director of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau Mr. Li Jian, Shunde District Mayor Mr. Huang Xizhong, Deputy district chief Mr. Liu Yi and other delegation Twenty people visited and did research in the Lanson new factory Wusha Industrial Park Daliang Shunde City.

On this sunny day at 4 o'clock p.m, Mr. Wu Zhizheng, Chairman of Lanson Company, cordially received Mayor Mr. Lu Yi and other government leaders accompanied by senior staffs in Lanson new factory Daliang Wusha Industrial Park. Showing around the exhibition hall,  R & D center, production workshop and other areas on-the-spot investigation. Further discussed on the technical research , development and production management. Mayor Mr. Lu Yi expressed full affirmation of Lanson Machinery's commision on the technological improvement achievement and convinced Lanson to be the world famous brand in the future.

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