How to carry out plastic injection molding machine daily maintenance?

  • 2021-08-11

Plastic Injection molding machine daily maintenance inspection on machine mainly divided into three parts: 1. The inspection before use. 2. The use of check. 3. Use after inspection. As long as in strict accordance with the above steps inspection on injection molding machine, not only can improve the production efficiency of injection molding machine, also can prolong the service life of injection molding machine.

Mainly three Methods/procedures

Firstly, check is divided into the following steps to take before use

First, check in the amount of oil in the tank determine within the oil standard. Then the heat chamber and the oil temperature check. Should be preheated oil indoor low temperature condition. Indoor temperature, heat treatment. The final inspection of pressure gauge, is serious, can return to zero and mileage.

Secondly, the use of check is divided into the following steps

1. The startup overflow valve switch to the lowest pressure.

2. Check and adjust the regulation of overflow valve pressure, whether continuous uniform lift, all is well and then to set pressure.

3. The oil pump, oil casing, electromagnet inspection, oil temperature is 20 degrees to 50 degrees calculate normal, pump shell temperature is higher than room temperature 10 degrees to 30 degrees is normal.

4. The spill.

5. Noise vibration tests.

6. Check gauge.

7. The condition of the electrical components; safety device reliability tests.

8. Synfuels fiasco column \ cylinder components of fastening nut screw is loose.

Thirdly, use after the downtime after inspection

1. On the surface of the oil tank inspection

2. Check the hydraulic components

3. The valve handle position should return to "unloading" "stop" position such as "back".

4. Check whether the control switch and electrical components is loose, degree.

5. The machine column and filling lubricant oil bearing active connection movement parts.

6. Turn off the power supply, do a good job security

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