Chinaplas 2021 Invication from Lanson: Hi everyone, let's meet up!

  • 2021-03-29

Chinaplas Invication from Lanson: Hi everyone, let’s meet up!

Chinaplas had been developing for more than 30 years growing up with China's plastics and rubber industry. It has become the largest rubber and Plastics Exhibition in Asia and has played a positive role in promoting the development of China's rubber and plastics industry.

Lanson booth No.: 9E51

Exhibition date: April 13-16, 2021

Location: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center

Machine on sale

Lanson upgraded high speed machine GT5-BT

GT5-LS360BT High speed injection molding machine for thin wall packaging

·More stable and reliable, stronger rigidity

New control system, with special servo system, performs smooth running.

Highly equipped for thin-wall packaging mold, higher clamping structure rigidity.

·Faster response, higher injection rate

New design injection unit, high response servo motor, speed response less than 25ms. The whole system is equipped with dual power system as standard, with injection rate of 350-450mm/s. Adopt new pump control technology to achieve higher accuracy.

·More stable clamping system

Proportional control, faster opening speed and more accurate open end position.

Stronger clamping system, clamping force and rigidity increased 15% - 20%.

·More energy saving

Optimize servo system, higher energy saving, higher output power.

GT3-LS160S Medical injection molding machine

Leading technology of single cylinder injection system nationally. Injection cylinder, plasticizing motor and screw are concentric, avoid out-of-step oil inlet comparing to dual injection cylinder design, comprehensively improves the injection pressure and injection speed, and realizes high precision and high speed precision injection molding, which can meet more complex and precise products requirement. The Single Piece Injection Platen design makes the screw better central alignment. Ultra low resistance oil return design, injection resistance is far lower than double cylinder machine (about 0.2 times comparing to dual cylinder machine), achieve higher response, faster speed and more energy saving. The single cylinder system is also equipped with a transparent window to observe the situation of screw. Linear guiding rods makes high positioning accuracy, low sliding friction coefficient, fast response, high repetition accuracy and energy saving for injection unit.

Only professional and focus on plastic injection molding machine and cold chamber die casting machine

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